Mumbai Bibliography – Mumbai Fables

In this research project I have based most of my research from the book Mumbai Fables by Gyan Prakash, and also with the aid of websites in google. Mumbai Fables as named s a book that see Mumbai as a mystic country, and the author writes the book in a way that is almost like a personal journal, often including real characters for example people living in slums in Mumbai or what politicians were thinking at the time when they act. This made the book very easy to read and to absorb.

The book was written like a collection of stories, and many of the information was given by the architect Rahul Mehrotra, who had written and essay paper which I have used as my second main reference, hence I was able to easily link the two and found a similar understanding between the two. Mumbai Fables was written with the belief that Mumbai’s everyday practise rejects history written as a linear story and present it instead of a tapestry of different overlapping and contradictory experiences, imaginations and desires. It is in such a historical survival that the author finds the living imagination of the city as modern society.

According to the acknowledgements of this book, Princeton University has been extremely supportive, providing time and resources to make numerous trips for the author to go to Mumbai and London for research.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book before I started the research. As a person who enjoys readig fiction, this book is very close to that yet most amazingly everything is real, and the events were not only told, they were illustrated with lively poetic language that builds the image of Mumbai in my mind.

The chapters arre named in such a way that corresponds to the name of the book:

The Mythic City
The Colonial Gothic
The City on the Sea
The Cosmopolis and the Nation
The tabloid and the City
From Red to Saffron
Planning and Dreaming
Avenger on the Steet

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