Further Marginalization with Rapid developing counties with Satellite Cities

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As Great Jakarta need to look as a whole for networking system, It is in a form of a satellite city. However, it doesn’t serve to make better for the city reorganization quality of life, but in fact, it tackles to help the market of economy. Satellite cities are advantages to the mother city that is very financially driven and so it centralized a lot of the influx of economy into the area, hence more population of working class in the mother city. However, this will lead to further marginalization to the city, where rich and the poor are set right next to each other closely. While the poor remain and increase in numbers, the city functions as it is where they are ignored. The plan for the satellite structure does not solve any living conditions of Jakarta but in fact worsen it as more cars needed to enter to the center, thus provoking more traffic and that it only helps the economy to drive in a more convenient way where the offices are close by one another.

Due to more market oriented of the urban development since two-three decades ago, issuing permit by Local Government for private investors to build malls, apartements and city superblocks has been more dominant rather than improving the urban kampongs.

Such development has been creating the processes of ‘gentrification’ as well as ‘marginalization’ of the urban poor to suburb. Not much around the DKI Jakarta has been made to improve the traffic conditions other than allocating the Slums and trip to optimize the city to alleviate the chronic problems of transportation, sanitation and flooding.  there should be a change of mindset to the government so that they focus more on the traffic and quality of life. Proposal to revitalize the area to help the poor instead of just moving them away and build another high rise on the land. Thus I believe, this can provide a much more sustainable development towards the city.

To put it in a more consolidate term, the poor population in the DKI jakarta faces the risk of Further Marginalization and Impoverishment in at least 2 ways. The first is by encouraging the the migration of richer residents and working class people to the mother city, which leads to taxes, rent, rates to rise. It totally does not support the poor residents of the city and does not intend to. The second is to impose higher cost for commuters through longer and more expensive journeys for those what have secured work in DKI Jakarta and has been moved to the outer city. Such distnace creates a social and economic separation between the two.






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