Tianjin/Bibliography- Reference Articles

Chen Cheng , Xing Zhong, 2006. River and Urban Spatial Structure. Urban Studies. Vol.14 No.1.

The article illustrates the general principle of urban planning of riverside cities. During the development of a city, the river running through it will change its role in the city. The function of the river is corresponding to the demand of the city.


Hu Hu, 2003. About Urban River Planning. Nonferrous Metals Engineering & Research. Vol.24 No.3.

The article demonstrates a sustainable development strategy for rivers in cities. After the industrial revolution, the status of rivers had declined. New strategies of urban planning were demanded to thrive the area along rivers and maximize the value of rivers in cities.


Wang Jian, 2009. Transition of Tianjin Urban Spatial Form from The Perspective of Transition of Haihe River. City Planning Review. Vol.33 Supplement.

This article focuses on the relationship between Haihe River and urban planning of Tianjin . It provides abundant historical information of Haihe River and clearly depicts the new strategy of developing Haihe River.


Li Chunmei, Qin Chuan, 2009. Actions of Promoting the Quality of The City of Riverside.

The article gives systematic information of what actions the government has adopted to promote the spacial and economic quality of Haihe River area.  It lists all the policies and measures to shape the image of riverside metropolitan for Tianjin.


Lv Jing, 2005. Research of Modern Tianjin Urban Planning. Wuhan University of Technology.

This is a comprehensive research about the history of the development of Modern Tianjin. It helps us to get an integral understanding of the history of variational urban planning  of Tianjin.

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