Tianjin/Haihe, Religious and Cultural buildings (1850AD-1949AD)

Together with the British and French siege, the Christianity was brought and introduced to Tianjin. Missionaries started to construct churches, schools and hospitals with the help of the spread of Christianity in Tianjin. Under the construction by Chinese craftsmen, foreign architects’ ideas and pursuits were realized with Chinese influence.



Fig. 1.1 Chinese-styled ornaments, Tianjin


The first church in French style was built from 1869 to 1869. It was a 10-metre-tall church facing directly to ‘Haihe’. However, it was torn down a year later, and after 27 years, it was re-established in bigger scale and finished in 1903. It was in typical French Renaissance style. Its fine craftsmanship and Chinese-styled ornaments are still recognizable features of the church.



Fig. 1.2 First French Church, Tianjin

Institut des Hautes Etudes et Commerciales was built in 1920 in French concession area. It is an engineering institute in Munsell and Baroque style.


Fig. 1.3 Institut des Hautes Etudes et Commerciales, Tianjin

In the 1930s, Yaohua High School was designed by a British architect and its construction was finished in 1935.


Fig. 1.4 Yaohua High, Tianjin

All these religious and Cultural buildings are a good record of the influx of foreign culture into Tianjin in education and religion.

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