Tianjin/Should There Be The Other Center?

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Tianjin Binhai New Area is located at the lower stream of Haihe River. From 1986,  industries were moved towards the estuary of Haihe to take full advantage of geography, which built foundation for Binhai New Area. With  intensive industries and port transportation, the predecessor of Binhai New Area acted a role of sub-center to support the economic of Tianjin and shape a image of harbor city for Tianjin. The undiversified economic construction restrains the promotion of this area.




After 2006,  the overall urban planning of Tianjin identify Binhai New Area as a genuine city center and put great effort on the construction of Binhai New Area.  To become a fully functional new city center, Binhai New Area needs to get rid of the old image of monotonous industrial zone. Yujiabu CBD, Xiangluowan Business District, TEDA Modern Service District and Lanjingdao Ecotope are established to serve this new city center and drive the development of lower stream of Haihe River. The amount of this project is equal to building a brand new city.

Binhai New Area
TEDA Modern Service District
Xiangluowan Business District
Lanjingdao Ecotope


Yujiabu CBD

Yujiabu CBD


Yujiabu CBD is going to be one of the largest CBD of China and aims to be another Lujiazui. I am astonished by the scale of this completely new CBD for two reasons:

1. Although Tianjin is recognized as a north business center of  China, there is not any huge CBD zone like Lujiazui. There are several hot spots of commercial districts, but none of them has dense skyscrapers. That’s the uniqueness of the original central city.

2. The scale of this CBD zone seems capable of impairing the economic advantages of Beijing.

Balancing the economic development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region is alleged as support for the construction of Binhai New Area. However, I misgive Binhai New Area about its real power in the economic competition. There is a certain probability of this brand new area follow the footsteps of Ordos. Building a new city center should not be the purpose of driving city development. Activating it is the crux.

The impact on Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region from an economically active Binhai New Area is still indistinct.


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  1. The situation of Tianjin is very vital. Though it is one of the four direct-controlled municipality cities of China, the political and economical status of Tianjin is not as important as Beijing and Shanghai. And because Tianjin is so close to Beijing, the development of Tianjin is more about industry. But the Yujiabu CBD could be a great city developing opportunity for Tianjin.

    Maybe there could be a comparison between the CBD in Tianjin and the CBD in Beijing or Shanghai to show how the CBD shapes the city. And about the images of the journal, the definition could be higher and you might find some ways to get original picture without the watermark.

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