Istanbul/ Three major public squares – Taksim Square



Under the new urban plan of Henri Prost, there are three major public squares were transformed to showcase the concepts of the new urban plan – Taksim Square, Eminönü square and Fatih Square.


The orientalist facade of Taksim Artillery Barracks facing the square (Gülersoy, 1986)

Capture 2

Aerial view of Taksim Artillery Barracks before the demolition
(Özler, 2007:106)

Capture 3Capture 4

The Taksim Artillery Barracks that are being demolished
according to the Project of
Prost , (Gülersoy, 1986:83,97)

Capture 5

The Inonu Esplanade prepared for 30August Victory Day, 30 Agustos, 1942, Son
Posta Newspaper

Capture 6Capture 7

The Inonu Esplanade in 1940s and 1980s (Gülersoy, 1986:54,55)

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