Ahmedabad/ Critical Review on Ahmedabad as religio-political paradigm

Rajagopal, A., Urban Segregation and the Special Political Zone in Ahmedabad:An Emerging Paradigm for Religio-Political Violence,  South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal. Available from: https://samaj.revues.org/3285?lang=fr


The paper presents a critical viewpoint on how the disposition of public spaces and informal communication has led to social segregation in Ahmedabad, which in turn shapes a new political form in the area. It frames specifically the difference between new and old Ahmedabad, namely the expanded city beyond the wall and the old walled city fabrics, and the contrast in socio-political conditions between the two sides. The author has put in much subjective interpretations on the issue, rendering the old walled city as “pathogenic” and “introvert”.

Together with the observations about the city as problematic, ideas like “ungovernability” has come up depicting the negative aspects of ahmedabad. The final aim of the argument goes against the the relay between the special economic and political zones as both a symptom and a form for understanding the specificity of Indian globalization, that the forms of spatial segregation, economic marginalization have resulted from it.

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