Ahmedabad/ The Pre-colonial and Colonial Era

Raychaudhuri, S, Modern Asian Studies Vol 35, Cambridge University Press, 2001
Raychaudhuri, S, Modern Asian Studies Vol 35, Cambridge University Press, 2001


The Modern Asian Studies series analyse critically on the various Asian countries from the modern perspective. The series comprises several volumes, with each volume written by different authors, who write about countries  that they are more familar with or closer to their realm of research studies. In Volume 35 of the series the author Siddhartha Raychaudhuri wrote about colonialism and urban transformation of the city Ahmedabad.

In the chapter a close comparison of the urban structure of the city before and after British colony was presented, in which a distinctive implication was made through the analysis. “The process of change in at least one non-western city, namely, Ahmedabad,…, was not a one-way process of the establishment of domination by the colonial government but was instead one where a section of the Indian elites contested the restructuring…..and appropriated it to bring about their own reorganization of the urban centre.” In his opinion the transformation of Ahmedabad, by whatever means, was not a biased one-off change through the hands of the colonial state but a more intertwined and negotiated shift.

The author Siddhartha Raychaudhuri is a Copenhagen-based Indian. The origin where he comes from conveys a certain validity on the issue, and being in a city of diplomatic relationship with India it allows better overviews and supporting data, from the modern point of view towards the colonial era.


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