Seoul / Record of Cheonggyecheon Revitalization Project: From idea to success

The Cheonggyecheon Revitalization project has been well-documented with multi-media sources as a significant revitalization and conservation project in the 21st century. The following link of the documentary produced by Discovery Channel in 2005 will bring you to witness the various technologies and compromising strategies employed throughout the construction process.

Man Made Marvels: Seoul Searching

The captioned project was not only a success in promoting environmental awareness and greenery in the urban areas, it was also an important milestone in the archaeological studies as well as construction technologies as revealed in the video clip. It is, however, also crucial to acknowledge the controversies of the project. One of them would be the artificiality of the flowing water in Cheonggyecheon now, which is pumped from the Han River in a reverted manner with tremendous cost of maintenance every year. This has been questioned as a move of against the fengsu of the city and also against the natural ecological cycle of the aqua-system. With the upper part of the Cheonggye River still covered as a sewage, whether the artificial river is indeed beneficial to the protection of environment still remains debatable.

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