Tel Aviv/ Tel Aviv Modern Architecture, 1930-1939


Bandau Irmel, and Winfried Nerdinger. Tel Aviv Modern Architecture, 1930-1939. Tü bingen: Wasmuth, 1994.

The book is like a photographic and historical documentation of the Bauhaus style architectures in Tel Aviv built between 1930 and 1939. According to the authors Irmel and Nerdinger, the idea of this catalogue-like book is to “raise awareness of buildings that are today threatened with falling into disrepair and possible demolition”. Irmel as the photographer documented the richness and amazing diversity that the “International Style” developed in Europe has shaped in Tel Aviv.

Another author, the architectural historian Winfried Nerdinger writes, “In the 30s Jewish architects who had immigrated from Europe in the face of fascism and racism to the then British mandate of Palestine, called Eretz-Israel by the Jewish immigrants produced the most extensive set of buildings ever erected in the spirit of Modern Architecture, and they have hitherto been largely ignored by architectural historians. It is still possible to see today, in Haifa, Jerusalem and especially in Tel Aviv, the ‘White City’ what diversity and possibilities there were in Neues Bauen, but also its limitations.”


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