Tel Aviv/ Des Maisons Sur Le Sable. Paris: Eclat


Metsger-Samoḳ, Nitsah. 2004. Des Maisons Sur Le Sable. Paris: Eclat.

“Tel Aviv — neither a very young nor an old enough city? Tel Aviv can reminisce only about its not-so-distant youth”

The international styles of buildings in Tel Aviv have defined its young image and unique architectural characteristics among the world. Buildings here did not only represent the city’s cultural background, but also demonstrated the desire of people to build a new society with dreams and hopes. These, as the author said, are the proud of Tel Aviv.

As the promoter for the preservation of International architectural style, the author has employed Tel Aviv Foundation for an architectural survey on these buildings, documented them as a catalogue with the all the German-Jewish architects pioneers and their respective projects in the city, or more specifically, the White City.

In addition to the documentation of buildings, the book also describe the developments of the city from a rural land to a prosperous city, which then critically examine and analyse its success and current form through the aspects of urban planning and building typology.

“If we’re already talking about a catalogue, Mr. Marinsky, we might as well prepare one about the forms of your buildings and those of your colleagues here in Tel Aviv.”

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