Istanbul/ The emergence of modern Istanbul : transformation and modernisation of a city

The emergence of modern Istanbul : transformation and modernisation of a city


This book records down the transformation and modernisation of Istanbul in chronological order starting from the Crimean War and the First World War. Instead of looking into the devastating situations that the war brought to Istanbul, the author focuses on how the war period affect the rise and fall of Ottoman Empire and then the emerge of new republic power to take over the Turkey in chaotic time. For chapter 3 and 4 mainly illustrate how the newly set up republic power started to set foot in Turkish history by moving the capital from Istanbul to Ankara to showcase their ambitions and goal of writing a new chapter of Turkish history. Other than political reasons, the relocation of capital had some other reasons to back up and they had been illustrated in the book in great detail.

The relocation of capital greatly affect the development of Istanbul and author gives a melancholy name for Istanbul in the first decade of the govern of republican government – “the neglected city”. The author did a compare study of both the development of old capital, Istanbul and the new capital, Ankara to clearly shows the shifting of political attention and economic power from Istanbul to Ankara.
Later, the republican government decided to redevelop Istanbul to make use of the advantages of being a capital for a long period of time. Therefore, urban planning for a new Istanbul started to demolish iconic buildings and heritages from the previous Ottoman empire. The aim and details of redevelopment of Istanbul was discussed in book with enough examples to illustrate the ideology of a new modernised Istanbul in the mind of Henri Prost and the republican government.



Murat Gü, The Emergence of Modern Istanbul: Transformation and Modernisation of a City, London ; New York : Tauris Academic Studies ; New York : Distributed in the USA by Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.

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