Spanish Colonial Urbanism References

colonial manila book

Book: Reed, R. R. (1978) Colonial Manila: The context of Hispanic urbanism and process of morphogenesis. University of California Press.

This book provides a very comprehensive and compact source of knowledge on the urban form and development of Hispanic Manila as a background of Daniel Burnham’s planning. Robert reed first looked at the Philippine archipelago as a whole and then zoom in to Manila urbanism, which can be divided into two main parts – the intramuros and the extramuros. With a reference of the prescriptions for the Foundation of Hispanic Colonial Towns by Philip II in 1573, it is argued that the Spanish fortified town city planning model is an outcome of its imperial policy and hierarchical political system.

Thesis: Huetz de Lemps, X. (1994) Manille au XIXe siècle croissance et amenagement d’une ville coloniale (1815-1989).

Although this is a thesis written in French, it is quite a useful source for visuals including maps, architectural elevations and sections in the Spanish colonial period.

Book: Salvan, G. S. (2000) ‘Philippines Architectural Character’, Architectural & Const. Data: Goodwill Bookstore, pp. 219-236.

The chapter of Philippines Architecture Character in this book provides a lot of information and diagrammatic visuals to understand the hybrid architectural style and features of the Spanish colonial period.

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