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“Exploration in Urban Design, an urban design research primer” – edited by Matthew Carmona


This is a book consisted of 32 urban researchers presenting their research in diverse ranges of complementary approaches and provides an understanding to the design of cities. It focuses on their research methodologies, theories and some other problems facing in projects. It also presents the practice of urban design in the understanding of urban forms, conditions, practices and processes. Under the article “The politics of space production: the case of Macau, China” by Paula, it provides a general urban development flow of Macau in different periods of time and the strategy of the development under the Portuguese colony. It also provides different facts and statistics to support her stands.

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“The Morphological Evolution of Macau” By Chen Feng, Haofeng Wang, Xiaojun Rao. College of Architecture & Urban Planning, Shenzhen University, China


In this research paper, it is more about the urban morphology of Macau which is not that general compared to other research papers. Yet it consists of different spatial analyses, scatter plot diagram analyses and some environmental analyses. With all its detailed diagrams, it helps readers to understand the development of Macau from the past in a much clearer way. In this research, it shows the migration of historical commercial centres generally corresponding to the spatial migration with their changing social roles. The functions of the tradition commercial streets centres and different urban quarters are reflecting their relative functions under the urban morphology of Macau.

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