HKG/ “Tai Ping” or not?

The two short clips shows the development of Hong Kong and the transformation of Tai Ping Shan.

The first one is production from Tung Wah Hospital Group, mainly showed the position of Tung Wah Hospital (which currently still exist in Tai Ping Shan district) in the break out of Plague, and their group plays a part in the development in the history of Hong Kong.

The second clip is a clip about “communal memory” of “Sweep of Tai Ping Floor”. The happenings in the “Sweep of Tai Ping Floor” might probably be clueless for all of us as we never lived that time, probably even for our grand parents, since it was an event in 1890s. However, the term “sweep of Tai Ping Floor” has been familiar for some local Chinese, especially for the senior because to them it is something “literally” unpleasant.

As mentioned in some other posts, Tai Ping Shan is an alternative as Victoria Peak. Its literal meaning is “Peace Hill”, “Tai Ping” means “Peace” while “Shan” is “Hill”. “Sweep of Tai Ping Floor” literally have a meaning of “sweeping the peace away”. Before such event, the newly established rules and regulations after the first break out of plague — allowing the British force to enter one’s home to do sanitary and hygiene check– has already caused unpleasant feeling for the Chinese community to the British forces. Therefore such “Sweep of Tai Ping Floor” is actually lowering the trust Chinese have towards the British Government. This did not only make them lose trust and no longer have faith in the colonial Government, but also to flee back to China.

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