Jerusalem/ Reference_British Mandate Planning and Preconceptions of Holy Land


El-Eini, Roza .I.M., 2006.  Mandated Landscape: British Imperial Rule in Palestine 1929-1948. London, New York: Routledge.

Roza El-Eini is an award-winning author who conducted in-depth study over the British Mandate times in Palestine, which also included research on how the British rule over Jerusalem brought impact to its town planning, agriculture, land etc. Supported with rich sources on maps, illustrations as well as tables, Roza’s book is a comprehensive record tracing the British preservation ideologies on Jerusalem throughout different proposal stages, and remarked on how preconceptions of the Holy Land of Jerusalem influence the British in staging its ruling position to enhance the Holy image of the conquered city-potent forces empowering their political status. The study is considered an authoritative and incisive analysis over the time course of the Mandate times in the Palestine, regarding the British interests and encounters with local religious communities which Roza addressed as attributes to British planning considerations, articulating influences to the landscape character as well as affirming the religious identity of Jerusalem.

Mandated Landscape: British Imperial Rule in Palestine 1929-1948




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