Jerusalem/ Reference_Debatable Identity of “Holiness”-Asset or Burden

Book Chapter:

Armstrong, K. 1989. “The Holiness of Jerusalem: Asset or Burden?” in Journal of Palestine Studies Vol. 27, No. 3, pp 5-19, California: University of California Press (on behalf of Institute of Palestine Studies).

Karen Armstrong
Karen Armstrong, “arguably the most lucid, wide-ranging and consistently interesting religion writer today” @2015, Andy Carling

Seen from the chapter title, Karen Armstrong found a very strong critical question debating on how the holy image of Jerusalem that has been involving cultural and religious conflicts that accompanied the ancient city for decades. Karen Armstrong is a leading British author of many published works on religious affairs including Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths and the book History of God is her best-selling masterpiece. As present ambassador of the U.N. Alliance of Civilizations, she also got experience in lecturing US policy-makers and her influence in religious research was proved internationally recognized by the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) award which grants scholars who “wish to change the world”.  In her book chapter “The Holiness of Jerusalem: Asset or Burden?”, she specifically criticized the chaotic political mixture with religious context in Jerusalem a disaster, which is endowed by conquerors who preyed this ideological tool on her centrality in the Middle East field. The chapter is particularly inspiring when Armstrong highlighted the cruel phenomenon that the antiquities in the ancient city core faced fragility in periods of war conflicts and Mandate rule and “people are struggling to create a new identity”. Armstrong was indeed staging a position that could suggest the important role of British preservation works that were going to influence the fabric of Jerusalem in many more years to come, hence become a significant reference to the project focus on the British intended proposals of preserving the Old City and its environments.

Reference Image of Journal of Palestine Studies
Reference Image of Journal of Palestine Studies (Armstrong’s work in Volume 27)

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Karen Armstrong photo: Accessed 21st December, 2015 from

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