Jerusalem/ Reference_Preservation: Old versus New


Kimhi, I. 2014. “Old Versus New: Preservation Policy in Jerusalem”. Jerusalem: Jerusalem Institute of Israel Studies.

old v new
“Old Versus New: Preservation Policy in Jerusalem” by Israel Kimhi, 2014.

Kimhi Israel, is Jerusalem-born author as well as co-director at the Jerusalem Institutes of Israel Studies. His published work on studying the Middle East environs and planning received good recognition in the academic field. The work he presented here has a clear study lens on the preservation strategies as well as historic background on the ideologies involved before and during the British Mandate Period. His arguments demonstrated his prominent awareness to the political and religious implications imposed on the identity of Jerusalem throughout the preservation plans. Having said the paper was not a documentation of graphic information, his narrative has summarized key roles of different relevant stakeholders on the planning of Jerusalem, including McLean, Geddes etc. His writing also demonstrated his integrative analysis on many aspects, including humanities, geography, history as well as archaeological findings that would give a focused look of how all these comings weave together and present the picture of British values and ideologies for conquering and reinforcing the Holy image of the Old City through planning strategies separating the Old and New developments.


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