HOUSING | Public Health Reports (1895-1913)

Plague: A Note on the History of the Disease in Hongkong

The Public Health Reports dated 1896 to 1970 is a very thorough first person account of the bubonic plague outbreak in Hong Kong during the 1900s. It was written by B.W. Brown, an American Surgeon, who visited Hong Kong at the time to research and understand more about the plague in case it spreads to the United States. Brown had acquired official medical records from the health officer of the Hong Kong colony, Dr. Francis Clark, and compiled at least 18 years of Chinese and British research on the plague since its outbreak in 1896. As an American surgeon, Brown takes on a very objective perspective towards the event in this account, comparative to British accounts which consists of biased claims about Chinese refusing to be quarantined because due to racial conflicts. The Health Reports also has notes on governmental policies that were imposed in response to the plague outbreak, which will be further elaborated in a narrative entry.

Brown, B. (1913). Public Health Reports (1896-1970), Vol. 28, No. 12 (Mar. 21, 1913). United States Public Health Service, pp.551-557.


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