Ahmedabad/A study on growth of cotton textile industries


Mehta, Makrand. (1982) The Ahmedabad Cotton Textile Industry: Genesis and Growth. Ahmedabad: New Order Book Co.


This book studied the growth of Ahmedabad cotton textile industry in an objective way. In the first part of the book,  Ahmedabad’s economic and commercial background which is base on textile industry is introduced. The author demonstrated the strong business culture of Ahmedabad with the support of historical facts and research. After that, the author described how the British rule from 1857 made a profound impact on the textile industry to the city by introducing modern technology from the western industrial revolution, creating a better economic environment and improving transportation system and communication, resulting in the first textile mill in the city. However, the author pointed out that for two decades after the establishment of the first textile mill, Ahmedabad has developed very little interest in modern industrial ventures. The above study is strongly supported by historical data.

In the second part of the book, with research data such as increase of number in mills, the author talked about the influence of railway to the textile industry, including how it improved the communication with other cities while bringing in competition from different aspects in economy, for example, the mills from Mumbai. With introduction to the rise of major mill companies, the book demonstrates how the mill industry owners  recaptured the ground by modern industrial ventures. A map shows how mills are built along the railway for transporting. Other influences of the railway is also mentioned.

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