Ahmedabad/The historical context, urban context and architecture typologies


G. Michell, S. Shah Ed. (2003) Ahmadabad. Mumbai: Marg Publications.


This books is written in an objective way. It introduces the historical context, urban context and historical architecture typologies with neutral narrative through the use of facts, statistics, and research. It talks about Ahmedabad’s historical context from the pre-Islamic times to 1817. For its urban context, the book mentions the establishment of the city in 1411, its urban growth and the modern era. Different typologies of historical buildings in Ahmedabad, such as temples, step-wells and pols are introduced in the final section in the book, which include their history, development and architectural features. All the findings and the narrative is clearly presented with detailed maps, diagrams and photos about the growth of Ahmedabad. This book is crucial in studying about the pre-railway history of Ahmedabad.

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