Ahmedabad/The study of urban history and discussion on social problems

Kenneth L. Gillion (1968) Ahmedabad: A Study in Indian Urban History. California: University of California Press.

This book introduces the urban history of Ahmedabad from its establishment in 1411 to its regain of political capital status in a social and urban perspective. With plenty of resources and facts support, its historical narratives are clear and objective. From the narrative, the author gives his opinions on how historical incidents lead to the social and urban changes in Ahmedabad, and  further discusses the social problems of Ahmedabad in the final chapter. All the opinions and discussions are base on the historical facts and evidence, which is logical and convincing.

In the chapter ‘Under British Rule’ and ‘The Mills’, the author introduces how the British rule brought about the construction of BB & CI Railway, and how the railway affect the industry and culture of Ahmedabad in 1864 to 1875. He further discusses about how the competition from other countries are brought to Ahmedabad by the railway, supported by relative data. The book gave us an important reference on the influence on industry that the BB & CI railway brought to Ahmedabad.


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