Hanoi/ Key Statistics of Housing


The tables are from Report of Housing Development Strategy to the Year 2010 by Land and Housing Management Department, Ministry of Construction so these numbers are official data.

From the statistics, we can see the growing population and the decreasing residential area per capita during the 1980s and early 1990s which was the transition period of the country. Though the investment capital increased a lot after Doi Moi, the part for residential housing haven’t increased at the same pace. The lack of housing and the economic difficulties for centralized development with centralized capital pushed the government to encourage self-built housing and the ratio of self-built popular housing was more than 60% in that period.

Then the increasing number of residential area per capita from 1995 is partly due to the new re-centralized housing development after the governments of the city and the country realized the defects of the decentralized housing development strategy.

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