Manila Plan: The Imperial Ambition (2)

Journal: Hines, T. S. (1972) ‘The Imperial Façade: Daniel H. Burnham and American Architectural Planning in the Philippines’, Pacific Historical Review, 41(1), pp.33-53

This journal, written by Burnham’s biographer Thomas Hines, deals with Burnham’s engagement and proposal of the Manila plan. First part covers how and why Burnham got the commission from the US government and the second part covers the proposed plan of Manila and Baguio, including the appointment of William Parsons as executive architect. This journal is more of a narration on Daniel Burnham and the proposal and less of an evaluation of the plan itself.

 Journal: Brody, D. E. (2001) ‘Building Empire: Architecture and American Imperialism in the Philippines’, Journal of Asian American Studies, 4(2), pp. 123-145.

This article analyzes Burnham’s plan for Manila and Baguio from a colonial perspective, stating Burnham’s plan is part of the larger fantasy of American imperialism. Then the author examines the limited implementation of the plan and how contemporary Philippine still contend with the memory of Burnham.

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