Marina Bay realised

Marina Bay realised

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Marina Bay as a seamless extension of the Central Business District, was first mooted in the 1970s. From just an empty land, it has become an iconic destination.

The challenge of balancing land use needs within Singapore has never been an easy one. In making land use decisions, planners often have to think about meeting current and future needs. Marina bay is one of the decisions made by planners 40 years ago that have a significant impact on our lives today. Land around Marina Bay was reclaimed throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. The first detailed land use plan was exhibited in 1992. Planners have worked on this project from the 1970s until today.

The development of Marina Bay probably started as early as in 1969. You can see the shoreline or coastline before 1962 and present-


Also below shows the stages of land reclamation of the Marina Bay from 1969-


The development of the Marina Centre – In 1969 when the Concept Plan of Marina Centre just started, below is an aerial view-


Land reclamation started in the early 1970s for the Marina Centre to take shape as shown above. In addition, the old map below showing the view-


The reclamation of Marina Centre was completed in 1978 and among the first projects: Marina Square shopping mall which houses the 3  hotels (Marina, Mandarin Oriental and Pan Pacific) were opened in the late 1980s. In addition, Suntec City was later developed in the Marina Centre during the 1990s.


With the Marina City fully built-up, it may be a pity for the original national symbolism of Singapore- The Merlion, which seems to be encased up by the Marina Centre, Marina East and Marina South-




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  1. Land reclamation might have started with the practical reason of land scarcity in Singapore. The discourse of Marina Bay not only tells the story of land issues but also how Singapore perceives it as an outlook and identity of Singapore. It would be more comprehensive if your argument on Singapore’s identity crisis with the buildings, waterfront and use (casinos and hotels) could be related to why Marina Bay was first reclaimed and pinpointed in the 70s.

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