A better plan for phnom penh?

The floating farms and homes in Boeung Trabek are some of the main vocal of the criticism about that eviction.

Plan of 2010?

In Boeung Trabek, the floating farms and homes exist in untreated stormwater and raw sewage. Many of the herbs, vegetables and spices are eaten without being cooked. The health risks to not only farmers, but also customers. The water of the lake is even black colour, together with pungent odour. Thus, the government claim that reducing human contact with the wastewater is of paramount importance for protecting inhabitants health.

Obviously, this issue will add to the reasons to evict the floating farmers. And thus, the State claimed that they will do adequate compensation such as provide farmable land close to Phnom Penh, which allows farmers to sell their products in the market.

Rather than that, the State sees potential development of a natural wastewater treatment system for Phnom Penh. A well designed treatment works would not only allow the farmers downstream to utilize the treated water, but also help solving the flooding problem in the country. However, the difficulty of this natural treatment systems require sizeable land areas and, undoubtedly, some farmers would have to move.

However, the residents argue that it is not trustworthy since the city’s history work against to it. The State not only once used ways to force the inhabitants to evict, but indeed many times used the land for development purpose once they successfully evicted the residents.

Yet, there are at least four international organizations currently working on this project, which I also believe many residents would willing to move once the State give them a fair price for the land and assistance in finding other suitable farming sites for them.

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  1. The theory behind some of these urban problems point to the inequalities hidden in the social and governmental systems. In my other comments, I referred to these as conspiracy theories, and they are bound to emerge because certain sections of the society and the city are massively affected. What is this Plan of 2010? Does it encapsulate broader upgrades for the city, as alluded in the reference to improved wastewater treatment systems? Are there plans and images of this project that involves the international organizations?

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