Ahmedabad/Critical analysis on the city form and congestion problems


S. Sejpal (1982) Theory and City Form: The Case of Ahmedabad (master thesis). Massachusetts: Massachusetts Institue of Technology.

This thesis, by combining a deep analysis of the urban fabric of Ahmedabad and two theories of city form: Kevin Lynch’s “Theory of Good City Form” and N. J. Habraken’s “Concept of Territory”, provided a critical analysis on the city form and problems of Ahmedabad. By putting emphasis on the Pols (old residential neighbourhood inside the old city), it describes how the changes are brought to the old urban fabric by different incidents, such as the introduction of railway. It explains how the rise in population brought to the population movement to the suburb, and points out that construction of roads due to railway openning were implemented at the expense of demolishing Pols. Diagrams are well-drawn in the paper in assist to elaborate its points.

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