Bangkok (1890-1910)/ Historical Background

This series of references provide many first hand historical documents like old photos and newspaper clips. They neutrally presented the historical moments of Bangkok.


Beek, S. (1999). Bangkok then and now. Nonthaburi: AB Publications

This book provided many detail historical documents including photos and newspaper paragraphs of Bangkok in the 1900s. It is not a conventional academic research that mostly focuses on theorizing the history of the city. The author intends to document the physical transformation through text and visual materials. New images at the exactly the angles in comparison with the old photos are provided by the author, giving an instant understanding of the urban development process. The details of urban life including recreation, municipal services, street life, etc. are captured in the book.


Lim, P. (2009). Through the eyes of the King : the travels of King Chulalongkorn. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.

The book presented photos and historical narratives of King Chulalongkorn’s trips to the surrounding colonial districts. The author argues that King Chulalongkorn as the planner and patron of most urban constructions of Bangkok at the beginning of the twentieth century was deeply influenced by these study trips. The western technology and ideology observed by the king from the colonial land was then transplanted to Bangkok.


Wyatt, D. (1984). Thailand : a short history. New Haven and London : Yale University Press.

The history of city and architecture is rooted in the history of all social, economic, political development. The general narrative of the history of Thailand gives the context of Bangkok urban evolvement. The book includes sections focusing on the monarch reforms and modernization that helps to understand how the western ideology influenced the city.

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