Chronicle of Malaysia: Fifty Years of Headline News, 1963-2013

Chronicale of Malaysia: Fifty Years of Headline News, 1963-2013
Philip Mathews
Editions Didier Millet, 28 Feb 2014


This revised and updated edition of the Chronicle of Malaysia brings the full dramatic sweep of Malaysia’s history up to date, taking the reader through the nation’s first 50 years from the formation of Malaysia in 1963 all the way to 2013. It is packed with illustrated news stories covering hundreds of the nation’s key social, political, cultural and sporting events. As a compendium of all aspects of Malaysian life, the book captures the mood of the day with a sense of vividness and immediacy. Concise, accessible articles—revised and rewritten to engage today’s readers—are introduced by headlines and liberally illustrated with photographs and specially commissioned cartoons.

The book is structured chronologically, with an average of eight pages devoted to each year beginning with a succinct summary of the year’s key events.  These combine to give readers the feel of each era of Malaysia’s past and enables them to draw parallels with the present. I focused on the earlier periods when Malaysia was still younger after her establishment. It provides us with a clearer insight of the change in Malaysia, especially with how the historical value and significance of Malaysia’s Independence been slowly undermined as economic growth takes place.


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