Drawings of KTT Housing

Kim Lien242a

Kim Lien Layout Plan


Kim Lien Apartment Block Type B Unit Layout Plan

Kim Lien was built before and during the war, in two phases 1960-65 and 1965-70. It was built on 40 square meters of rice field of the village Kim Lien. The initial plan was four-story blocks housing 20,000 inhabitants, each inhabitant having a four square meter living space. In the first phase, every six apartments shared one kitchen and one washroom. In the second phase, the condition was improved as the facilities were shared by every two apartments.

Trung Tu


Trung Tu Apartment Block Façade and Ground Floor Plan

Trung Tu was built during the war between 1965 and 1975, parallel with the second phase of Kim Lien construction. It was constructed next to Kim Lien on 22 hectares taken from the village Trung Tu. It initially housed 12,000 inhabitants. Trung Tu consisted of six sectors with 29 blocks, and each block had similar design. One block had five floors, and each floor had 12 to 16 units. Similarly with phase two Kim Lien, every two apartments shared one kitchen and one washroom.

Giang Vo


Giang Vo Basic Block Unit Layout Plan

Giang Vo was built in the post-war period, on the eve of doi moi. It was constructed on 18 hectare around lake Giang Vo by taking away the rice fields of the village Giang Vo. The project was the first housing estate with ten floors and independent units without shared facilities.



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  1. The research was done really well to document the standard social housing in Hanoi, which also reflects the general conditions and considerations of a common family unit and sanitation requirements in the 60s. The stair core (without lifts), shared kitchen and bathroom also show the regards of resource distribution and building efficiency.

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