Evolving Singaporean National Identity

Lee Kuan Yew’s comment on national identity

Lee Hsien Loong’s comment on national identity

The two clips documents the first and current prime minister’s address regarding the national identity and how the new generation would have form their own new identity concerning the fact that in recent years there were more specialists immigrants, mainly from India. Lee Kuan Yew mentioned about how the harmony between different races was created by dispersal and schooling. Lee Hsien Loong explained further on how the new generation form the new national identity and regard this kind of change as an evolution of national identity since the new generation are forming new values of their own.

he also believed that when the new generation, despite the diversity in their family background, as long as they share equal experience such as schooling, use of language as well as the living environment (HDV flats) and schooling being the most important factor as it was emphasized by the two. As a result, they will receive a more formative cultivation and thus easier for dispersal when it is easier for them to communicate with each other.


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  1. These clips are interesting, but can you draw its relevance to an urban historical analysis? For example, did these ideas lead to implementations of certain plans related to what the HDB, LTA, URA and MND are doing? Are these linked to housing, transportation or other forms of infrastructure building? Your colleagues explored heritage and conservation. Are they related? Your entries make perfect sense in a social or political science analysis, but less so in an urban analysis.

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