First Town map/ Concept Plan 1971/1991


Singapore map in 1898


First Town Plan 1898


Concept Plan 1971

The concept plan is a long-range land use and transportation plan that provides the broad directions to guide Singapore’s physical development over the next 40-50 years. The underlying objective is to ensure that there is sufficient land to support future population and economic growth while maintaining a good living environment.

The government completed the SCP in 1971 and the result was Singapore’s first concept plan, a long-range plan to guide the country’s physical development for the next 20 years. Unlike the master plan, which provided detailed zoning and density parameters, the concept plan showed only the broad direction of the government’s land allocation and transportation policy. Another key difference was that the concept plan was not a statutory document, though most of its proposals were implemented.


With limitation of land, the way to provide more land and to use the land efficiently is very important to figure out. so The concept plan envisaged the development of high- and low-density residential estates, industrial areas and commercial centres in a ring formation around the central water catchment area, as well as a network of expressways and a mass rapid transit (MRT) system to provide islandwide interconnectivity.  Shorten the transportation time and bring jobs closer to home were introduced in the 1991 Concept Plan. Mixed use of land is one of the solution as it ensures a variety of commercial and community uses are at the doorstep.  Marina Bay is one of the long term projects that developed in the centre district, that could show how mixed use and the forming of central cultural hub is affecting the entire city.  


Image Reference


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