Four decades of transformation: land use in Singapore, 1960-2000

Book. Wong, T., & Yap, L. (2004). Four decades of transformation: land use in Singapore, 1960-2000. Singapore: Eastern Universities Press.
Spatial modernization in Singapore is a consequence of innovation development and modernism resulting from pursuits for economic survival in the post-independence era. Through distinctive period of projects, area use change was fruitful by social and monetary advancement, with social objectivity, implanted with political goals and convictions in improvements of material standards of living saw as an image of good administration. Prevailing ideological thinking and economic priorities have have affected national pioneers in arrangements of activity and extent of progress, reflected as gigantic multinational speculations, export-led market expansion, transfer of technology and workforce upgrading. Also, planning concepts available at the time have been responsible for the ways in which urban morphology changes.

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