Hanoi/ Theoretical reference: The Production of Space by Henri Lefebvre

BOOK: The Production of Space

AUTHOR: Henri Lefebvre

CHAPTERS: Contradictions of Space to Differential space

Inspired by the theoretical application in the article of KTT studies, I read this classic reference to understand the theoretical side of the spatial construction by both authority and the local. It is mainly about the concepts “global space/conceived space” and “fragmented space/perceived space”. The hidden logic behind the phenomenon gives us a chance to reflect on the past transformation and future potentials of the urban planning.


“Where then is the principal contradiction to be found? Between the capacity to conceive of and treat space on a global or world wide scale on the one hand, and its fragmentation by a multiplicity of procedures of processes, all fragmentary themselves, on the other”

“It is not, therefore, as though one had global (or conceived) space to one side and fragmented (or directly experienced) space to the other-rather as one might have an intact glass here and a broken glass or mirror over there. For space ‘is’ whole and broken, global and fractured, at one and the same time. Just as it is at one conceived, perceived, and directly lived.”

“Sooner or later, however, the existing centre and the forces of homogenization must seek to absorb all such differences and they will succeed if these retain a defensive posture and no counterattack is mounted from their side.”

“The spontaneous architecture and planning (‘wild’ forms, according to a would-be elegant terminology) prove greatly superior to the organization of space by specialists who effectively translate the social order into territorial reality with or without direct orders from economic and political authorities. The result – on the ground – is an extraordinary spatial duality. And the duality in space itself creates the strong impression that there exists a duality of political power.”



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