Macau before handover to China



The urban planning made by colonial government

To look into the impact of casinos on the urban planning, the original plannings of new reclaimed areas should be investigated as well.  This book clearly shows the policy of colonial government in many aspects, including economic, political and urban planning policy.  From the images and information cited in the book, the attitude of colonial of government towards the future development of lands of Macau is revealed.  Since the colonial government never expect the gambling industry to dominate the economy and the urban spaces of Macau by such a large extent, this book helps provide a strong evidence to show the urban impacts brought by the gambling industry and casinos.

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  1. Again, these are good sources. But it’s important to add a short paragraph of notes to these three bibliography entries. This is commonly known as an annotated bibliography, where you describe how the sources are meaningful in supporting the narratives or themes of your exploration and research.

    • Thanks for your advice! I have added back the usage of each source in supporting my theme or finding evidences for my research. Hope it’s now a formal annotated bibliography!

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