Marina bay as a large scale ‘Living Lab’

Marina bay as a large scale ‘Living Lab’

As one of the Integrated solutions proposed by the URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority),  they have created large scale ‘living labs’ in areas such as Marina Bay and others (Punggol, Jurong Lake District, CleanTech Park) are designed to be environmentally friendly and are testing out a wide range of urban solutions.

Marina Bay is Singapore’s most ambitious urban transformation project. It is envisioned as a vibrant 24/7 environmentally friendly mixed use precinct where people live, work, and play in. More than just giving Singapore a stunning city skyline, Marina Bay has been designed with sustainability in mind, adopting environmentally-sustainable strategies and technologies in its development:

  • Marina Bay serves as a freshwater reservoir that will add to local water supply by 10%
  • A mix of uses planned at Marina Bay offers residents and office workers greater access to amenities, cutting down on possible long distance travelling
  • A common services tunnel has been built. It is a novel way of locating all utility services like electrical and telecommunication cables and water pipes in the same underground network, allowing for easier maintenance and upgrading with minimal disruptive and pollutive road excavations
  • The waterfront promenade has been designed as a well-shaded environment with lush tree planting for pedestrians. It also includes other elements like water features, to cool the ambient air temperature, making it a pleasant walking experience

Similar to Jurong Lake District, Marina Bay encourages the use of public transport, walking and cycling. It has planned a comprehensive network of walkways, promenades, and cycling paths. A landscape replacement policy is introduced to ensure the greenery lost from the site area taken up by buildings will be replaced. All new developments will be required to provide landscaped areas on the upper levels of developments in the form of sky terraces, landscaped terraces and roof gardens. In addition, all new developments at Marina Bay will be required to achieve a minimum Green Mark Platinum or Gold standard by the Building and Construction Authority.




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  1. It is refreshing to see how the project advocates ideas on beautifying the urban fabric while sustaining environmental qualities through constructing the central freshwater reservoir surrounded by mixed land-uses. It seems to me that, the high integrity level of human activities and technological solutions on service facilities is paving for almost Utopian ideals in urban solutions. One might find challenges in terms of the large scale of project, having to say it might in turn lead into creation of sub-communities throughout the bay area in later stages of implementation, as seen in suggestions of roof gardens and landscaped terraces which all hinted elevating communal spaces off ground and “zoning” out semi-public spaces on private building units. Having said that, it is great to see a vision for combining considerations of the environmental-friendly elements and higher accessibility to amenities for quality city dwelling.

    • Thank you for your comment! Yes, indeed, Marina Bay has complete the vision for combining considerations of the environmentally friendly elements and higher accessibility to amenities for quality city dwelling. Even as original plans for the Marina Bay development, attention was paid to creating value. The land parcels are located within a series of distinctive districts, each focused around attractive public open spaces and treelined boulevards which will provide signature address locations for developments. In addition, along the waterfront and fronting key open spaces, building heights are kept low to maximise views for developments further away from the waterfront. This enhances their attractiveness and will create a dynamic ‘stepped-up’ skyline profile and more pedestrian scaled areas.

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