Legislating for Property Rights in the 1990s

PHÁP LỆNH NHÀ Ở 1991 (Ordinance on Housing 1991)1991


LUẬT ĐẤTĐAI 1993 (Land Law 1993)



In Vietnam’s closed socialist period before doi moi, private ownership of housing and land did not exist. Housing was seen as a social service that should be fairly distributed by the state rather than left to market dynamics.After doi moi, institutionalized market entered the housing sector. The privatization of the housing stock started officially with the ‘Ordinance on Housing’ in 1991, which gave people the right to own a house. The official land market, which gave individuals the right to own a land-use was established with the “Land Law” in 1993. These liberalizing laws legalized an ongoing process of an already existing unofficial land market operative among small-scale families, and triggered the housing development, especially the self-built popular housing.


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