Projection of City : Skyline of Buildings

Projection of City : Skyline of Buildings

Skyline of buildings normally seen as the success or the identity of a city and often there is an insistence on ‘highest and best’. Like many other cities Singapore has its skyline of buildings along the coastline and Marina Bay is the new modern icon of Singapore in recent years. 

Since the independence in 1965, without many natural resources Singapore has keen on industrialization and put its orientation on innovation industry which brought her the success of becoming one of the smart cities in world. After the success on economy, Singapore government had a set of policy to restructure Singapore and make it one of the best cities in the world to work and to live in that cultural development is one of the key to be categorized as “best city”. Proposed by the Tourism Working Group of Singapore Marina Bay allows more “openness to global talent that will be a key competitive advantage for a Singapore that aspires to become a leading global city.” Marina Bay project, especially the casino which symbolic night life, entertainment, luxury, these tags were rarely used to describe Singapore before. By doing this project would certainly brought a new lively image for Singapore and it incubates new culture.

Indeed, Marina Bay is a cultural hub and incubating new cultures but it is targeting the tourism industry, the change and impact to the local lifestyle and culture might be minimal. Even the transport network is very well planned and connected not many locals would go there as Marina Bay is targeting top-tier customers, so it might not be very popular among the public. In terms of economic development and creating new image for the country it is a successful project but in terms of cultivating the local communities Marina Bay does not have much impact on it but only implying the social hierarchy.



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