Seoul / Korea: Politics, Economy and Society

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Rudiger Frank, James E. Hoare, Patrick Kollner, Susan Pares. (2007-2010). Korea 2007-2010: Politics, Economy and Society. Leiden: Koninklijke Brill NV.

The series of books are annual year book researched and published in the Netherlands.  The one published in 2010 specifically discussed about the project of Cheonggyecheon 5 years ago and evaluate the long term pros and cons brought by the river to the city.  The book especially described the resistance that the project faced. It correlates the project with other social events coherent to its time and context.  In the 2007 volume it also discussed the president Lee Myung Bak and his preference in developing Korea as one of the most important economy in the world.  The book illustrated his transformation and tactics through the comics that used to portraits his character.  Cheonggyecheon as the starting point provided the imminent support for him to become the president, and also established his strong and swift manna in pushing the progress of development.

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