Social Impacts of the “Casino Planning”

The prominent social impacts of gambling liberalization is the deteriorating city life.


In “ The Macau Quality of Life Report 2008” conducted by the University of Saint Joseph, Macau, it shows that Macau residents’ satisfaction with their own lives had decreased to the lowest level since 2007 (Wu&Chen, 2015). They were not satisfied with their achievements in life, future security, and the standard of living. There is no direct indication of the cause of low quality of life as the gambling liberalization; there is, however, a suggestion that “one could interpret this as signaling people do not feel they are getting their fair share of the economic growth”. Another study suggested that the optimal social carrying capacity was between 69,000 to 79,000 visitors per day. It is expected that whenever the number of visitors exceeded this threshold, the local residents would be dissatisfied with the environmental and local transportation, as they would be unhappy with the intensive crowdedness. Generally, people in Macau thought that notwithstanding the fact that the gaming impacts on the economy was positive, the environment had been worsened with the increase in cost of living.


The deteriorating city life could have been prevented. The NAPE and COTAI urban planning is designated to solve the problems in the older district in Macau(Wan& Vizeu, 2008). With better urban planning, more residential and social areas could be developed and enhance the quality of life of the Macau residents. The tradeoff of the government’s decisions of neglecting the importance of these planning is the city life of its people.





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  1. I think this is a very interesting point that as the economy development in Macau grow prosperously and the Casino is already worldwide famous, but the living satisfaction degree of the local residents is quite low. Actually the casino and tourism industry have always been the biggest part of Macau. I was wondering why in recent 10 years the social impact of the city planning turned into a worse condition in the degree of residents’ satisfaction. Though it is an economic issue, it would be interesting to look deeper into in which aspect the Casino Planning could benefit to the residents’ social living condition and in which aspect is not.

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