Survey on national identity

The following is an official remarks on the surveys done by the government in search of the sense of belonging of the Singaporeans. The surveys concern on different aspects such as the attitudes to national service, perception of policies in Singapore, political traits and media use as well as attitudes to emigration.

8   National Loyalty is measured using the Citizen-Nation Psychological Ties (CNP) Index, which comprises two sub-indices: the National Identity (NID) Index and the Willingness to Sacrifice (WTS) Index.

9   Examining the CNP, NID and WTS scores through the 15 year series, there was a slight downward trend to begin with, but these have held relatively steady between 2005 and 2009. Singapore’s economy and population are more exposed to global trends and people movements than ever before, yet we recognise that the government has also taken steps to mitigate its complex effects on the sense of nationhood and identity among citizens through its programmes like National Education, the Community Engagement Programme, the Singapore Memory Project, the Overseas Singaporean Unit’s Singapore Day, and events like the annual National Day Celebrations, the National Day Rally Speech, and Racial Harmony Day.

10   We examined how CNP scores were associated with different demographic profiles: The scores tended to weaken the higher the socioeconomic status of the respondents. The Chinese had marginally weaker scores, as did the younger respondents in our study. Those whose whose desire for political participation outweighed what they perceived were the opportunities to do so, that is ‘alienated’ on our measure of Political Alienation that is explained below and in Annex A, were more likely to have lower CNP, NID, WTS scores.

13   We examined how GNPRIDE scores were associated with different demographic profiles: GNPRIDE scores tended to weaken the higher the socioeconomic status of respondents. Those in the ‘Others’ category and Chinese, and with regard to age, the younger respondents tended to have lower scores on GNPRIDE. Respondents whom we identified as likely to be ‘politically alienated’ tended also to be associated with lower GNPRIDE scores.


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