Tel Aviv – The White City

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Carsten Hueck – Author
Stefan Boness – Photographs
Jochen Visscher – Editor

This is a very different book compared to the other reference books I’ve read, as it shows Tel Aviv’s now and then in a very different way, a more local perspective. The book mentioned about the history of Tel Aviv, but instead of beginning with the historical data and information, it started of with the story of representatives from 60 Jewish families from Jaffa in 1909, on how they collected money and purchased a land that consisted of nothing but sand, and transformed it into today’s Tel Aviv. The book also mentioned about the formation of White City, but with stories of owners and architects in those days. This kind of first-person perspective in addressing a historical incident is much more personal and influential, which made me much more interested in the living habits on Tel Aviv now and then.

The book also consists of a photo section, photographs of the modern White City. Apart from looking into the architectural details of the building blocks and the neighborhood, I also focused on the living environment and the people in the photos. The graffitti, the parking lots, the bicycles, the clothes hanging on the balconies… The effect and information this book bring to me are so real, so close, it really gives me the sense of how local residents live there, or how the people decades ago live their life in Tel Aviv.

“Nautical references become more widespread, some houses projecting into the street like the bows of an ocean liner, their windows and vents shaped like portholes. Strips of light over simple and minimalist staricases became a characteristics element of many hosues in the center of the White City.” Quoted from the book, note how detail and authentic it descriped the city’s building details.

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