The transportation system coping with urban growth

In the past, Macau was only a small city and the roads were designed for small city scale.  However, the increase in tourists in recent years has greatly raised the burden on public transportation system.  Now, the main circulation on roads in Macau is private vehicles.  In 2oo6, the number of vehicles in Macau reached 75192 while the number of motorcycle even reached 80684.


This phenomenon may be caused by the inconvenient public transport.  There are only buses and taxies in Macau.  The number of taxi is around 800 while the number of routes of bus is around 30.  On average, there is only 0.46 taxi available per 10 thousands travelers.  This number is far below standard, like 4.6 in Singapore or 2.7 in Hong Kong.  Some casino companies deal with this by providing shuttle bus from the airport or pier to the hotels directly.  The disadvantage of this is the isolation of people.  This reduced the interactions between people and thus reduced the possibilities for spark between people, which is not beneficial to a sustainable urban growth.

Double core public transportation system
Double core public transportation system


Thus, the Macau government should start to plan for future transportation scheme in order to create a better social theater.  It is undeniable that private transportation would still be the main stream in Macau in the future due to the size of Macau.  However, the government should start to reserve area for stations in the developing districts and build roads or tunnels to link up the old and new districts.  For example, the central point of a district can be used as a station and there are pedestrian walks linking this to all the important facilities around.



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