Seoul / Thematic Maps of Seoul 2007


Ng, Mun. Chido Ro Pon Sŏul 2007 = Thematic Maps of Seoul 2007. Ch’op’an. ed. Sŏul: Pŏmmunsa, 2008.

This book illustrates and introduces certain urban proposals told from the government point of view. In one of the chapters, it specifically talks about several major projects in Seoul, including the restoration of Cheonggyecheon. Apart from projects that are already completed, more of them are proposals or master plans that have not yet been carried out, even till today. This includes certain details of the Urban Renaissance Master Plan for Downtown Seoul, which is closely related to the Cheonggyecheon restoration project. However, since the content in the book are official materials from the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the perspective it offers may have to be further judged by the readers with critical considerations.


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