Bangkok (1890-1910)/ Major Road Construction in Sampeng Area

Road Construction Around Sampeng Area 1892-1898
Road Construction Around Sampeng Area 1892-1898

Sampeng area in the south of the old city had long established itself as the commercial center of Bangkok. The road construction between 1890 to 1910 had been concentrated this area for further boosting the economy. Prince Narisaranuwatiwong being the minister of the newly established Ministry of the Capital proposed Sampeng Project to the king to build roads in the Sampeng Area. As he wrote in 1890:

“there are no places which are more prosperous than Sampeng district, since its physical advantage is suitable for trading location, while its deficiencies of location are that the district has very few roads which in turn obstructed trading and prosperity. If roads in the district are constructed, the land will be developed and price of land will be increased many fold. [N.A.R.5.M  of Public Works 9/1 no. 370/1 (1892)]”

Road construction is not only seen as an urban infrastructure to facilitate the trading economy but also a way to increase the local land price and develop local economy.



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