BANGKOK (1999-2009)/BTS Skytrain


This report is focus on the structure of mass transit system with drawings and datas. It can help understand the relationship between the demand of the transit system and the selection structure of mass transit system. It also analyzed different structure of mass transit system and compared the types, technique, capital cost, maintenance cost…


This paper mainly focus on the relationship between the price of skytrain and the consumers are willing to pay. Although the topic is not our main focus, it also analyzed about the relationship between the skytrain station and the surrounding buildings and zones. It helps understand more about the local environment and different levels of income at different zones.







Minkatsu. “Project Formulation Study on Medium Transit System for Bangkok Metropolitan Area and Surrounding Areas ” (Study Report. Engineering and Consulting Firms Association, Japan. Feb,2006)

Peson Sirikolkarn. “The Effect of Mass Transit Systems on Price of Condominium in Bangkok” (Undergraduate Honor Thesis. University of California Berkeley. Apr,2008)

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