Shanghai (1927-1937) / Map of the Greater Shanghai Plan 大上海计划图

Map of the Greater Shanghai Plan 大上海计划图

Just having a glimpse on this map, we can see the strong intention of the Republican Government to build a city center on their own to compete with the Concession. Under unstable political environment and very tight budget, the government still insisted to build a center almost from scratch even though building upon the current urban fabric seemed to be easier. The symbolic and political value of this new center was regarded to be much more than the practical value in the perspective of the Republican Government. However, from this plan we can easily see that travelling between these two city centers must be quite inconvenient with the existing transportation system. And when the Japanese invaders stationed in the Sichuan North Road, the circulation between these two centers was generally cut off.



Shanghai Special City Works Bureau, 上海特别市工务局, Shanghai Te Bie Shi Gong Wu Ju Ye Wu Bao Gao Di Er Qi Di San Qi Liang Qi He Kan 上海特别市工务局业务报告第二期、第三期两期合刊, Shanghai, 1929.

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