Shanghai (1927-1937) / Wujiaochang area after the World War II

After the war, most of the construction in the civic center was destroyed but the basic urban fabric framed by the road network was kept. From: 上海特别市工务局,战后设施集影, Shanghai, 1947.
Wujiaochang after war. From: 上海特别市工务局,战后设施集影, Shanghai, 1947.

With the outbreak of the war, the civic center couldn’t bare the symbolic function anymore and the government moved back to the old Chinese town. The Japanese invader rebuilt the transportation juncture into a ring road under the Greater Shanghai Urban Planning (大上海都市计划) during their occupation. Since then, when referring to the civic center in the Greater Shanghai Plan, this transportation junction became the landmark. From this image, we can see that apart from the road network, the surrounding urban area was still largely un-urbanized. This condition continued till late 1980s when more specific plans were made on this Wujiaochang area.


Shanghai Special City Works Bureau, 上海特别市工务局, Zhan Hou She Shi Ji Ying 战后设施集影, Shanghai, 1947.

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