Shanghai (1927-1937)/The new map of Shanghai (1937)

The New Map of Shanghai, 大上海新地圖,1937,Scale: 1:20000

The New Map of Shanghai in 1937 partly shows what the Greater Shanghai Plan had achieved in the past decades. It is quite interesting that on the map, ‘roads largely overgrown and hardly any development’ was written on within the area of Jiangwan where the civic center that the government had planned. The radiating road system is rather far away from the concessions and the old town. From other historical documents we could find out that eventually, within the Greater Shanghai Plan, only several administrative buildings were built that stood solely on vast empty land in Jiangwan. Neither the ports nor the railway station was fully developed. However, considering what Pudong had achieved today, the development of the ports on the east bank shows that the exploration of east bank has never stopped. The plan might have influenced the ideology on how the Pudong area should be developed.

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