Shanghai(1927-1937)/Influence of the Greater Shanghai Plan on Pudong development

Today, Pudong area in Shanghai is the most well-developed area in Shanghai because of the open door policy in 1980s. The area had always been less-developed compared with the west bank of Huangpu River. Back to the 1927, along with the establishment of Shanghai Special City, the area along the Huangpu River from Yangsi in the south till Gaoqiao in the north was designated to Shanghai Special City government. This part of area mainly covers the belt area along the east bank of Huangpu River. Within the Greater Shanghai Plan, there were some urban planning measures related to the area where we call it Pudong today.


The plan about the east bank area was mostly about the development of ports and railways. Connections between the two river sides were also the main consideration. The government planned to build more ferries for the more than 150 thousand people commuting across the river every day.[1] In the Greater Shanghai Plan, the city center construction council passed through a plan about zoning and transportation in Shanghai which divided the west bank of Huangpu River into business zone, industrial zone, commerce port zone and residential zone.[2] New ports would be developed near Woo-sung port and the east bank would be the expansion commerce port that could supplement the west bank. Bridges would be built across Huangpu River which would make the train carrying goods directly pass across the river and reach the east bank from the QIujiang Port. Other plans including the planning for road system influenced the east bank. Pudong Road was in the first phase of arteries system construction which would make the traffic in east bank more convenient[3]. The government also tried to increase the land value in the east bank area by constructing bridges directly connecting to the city center in the west bank.[4] Also, two tunnels were planned starting from the city center area and the southern part to connect with east bank.[5] Eventually, till the end of the Greater Shanghai Plan in 1937, only part of the pan was carried out. The Pudong Road was constructed and connections between the two river banks were strengthened.

The Qiujiang Port under construction in the 1930s

Pudong Port in the old time

In the later planning during the Japanese occupation period, the plan was continued to be developed. Although the new urban plan made by city government in the 1945 was completely different from the Greater Shanghai Plan, the development of east bank area was never abandoned. The new plan proposed constructing tunnels and more bridges to make the east bank more accessible. Ten more ports along the two river banks would be developed and expanded.[6] Water-land corporate station would be constructed in the deep water area in Pudong. Also, the railway lines in Pudong would be distributed into several parts to interconnect with all the new built ports and industrial areas.[7] Several industrial areas were assigned to Pudong area. The industrial areas would be developed along the Pudong Road and would be segregated from the residential area with green belt.[8] However, the Pudong County was not yet established until the 1958. The development of Pudong area was yet remains about major infrastructure including ports, railways and bridges. The infrastructure development was the corner stone for the later prosperity in Pudong and gave Pudong much more potential for what it achieves today.







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